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Top Benefits Of Using A Handheld, Walking, or Hiking GPS

Hiking GPS, otherwise called Walking GPS by some or even Handheld GPS by others are little gadgets that can be held in the hand and allows one to establish ones physical location anywhere in the world. They are particularly useful when one is trailing through terrain that does not have much distinguishing landmarks to help navigation. Depending on the GPS model, some do display series of coordinates on the screen called waypoints that one can follow. Other models allow one to make a record of one's hiking route.

Hiking GPS have the following major benefits:

* Improved Safety - Missing one's way can get one really angry; worse still, getting lost in an unknown place can be dangerous. A walking GPS provides an accurate position called a grid reference that confirms to you where you are. Others, like the Higher end walking GPS Units is capable of showing one's exact position on a digital map display.

* Recollection Record - Walking GPS units are excellent for storing waypoint information. What this means is that one can effectively have handy a permanent record of one's hiking route which can be useful subsequently should you wish to relive the journey. One can also share with others. Additionally some models of the Handheld GPS enable one to make notes along one's route and connect it to a waypoint. Hence, should one encounter a view or landmark that appeals to one, one can make a note of it with its location, return it another time and share with friends. Even more amazing is the fact that one can make a record of the favourite places like restaurants, pubs, accommodation, etc. seen during the trip.

* Emergency Situations - For emergency situations a hiking GPS can practically save one's  life by providing one with an accurate identification of where one is. It is to your advantage to have your exact location at hand to get you prepared, should there be an emergency situation or an accident. Whether it directly concerns you or someone else along your route. The hiking GPS is particularly of great benefit in a case where one is hiking up in the mountains and in cases where the weather conditions just decide to act funny and turn out worse.

* Better Pleasure - Before you embark on a hiking trip, you can utilize your handheld GPS to assist you in the route planning stage by keeping a series of waypoints within the GPS unit. When you arrive your hiking location, rather than focus on extensive paper map reading, you can relax a bit by using your handheld GPS to assist navigation and enjoy the adventure. Just to keep in check! Ensure your GPS has enough battery life for the complete route. Because any electrical gadget can actually fail, a GPS unit being one, it is recommended to take a traditional topographical paper map with you, along with a traditional magnetic compass. Don't forget to bring to bear your navigation skills and deploy them properly.

Other additional benefits of a hiking GPS is that it can be used for other specialty activities such as geocaching, which involves locating treasure hidden outdoors in containers called geocaches. Some hiking GPS units can also be used as a SatNav within one's vehicle or by specialist groups like mountain bikers and those that use canoes to locate their route when travelling off the beaten track.

It is important you note that a hiking GPS does not actually do the navigation for you. What it does is that it connects a series of coordinates together and leads you there. If for instance, the lines between coordinates take you through dangerous areas, such as over a cliff edge, then the hiking GPS will accurately lead you there. The most imperative point here to note is that you should be aware of the likely danger and always ensure you check the GPS routes for the possible obstructions and for potential hazards before commencing the hiking journey.

In summary, a hiking GPS can provide one with a better feeling of safety whilst on a hiking trips and are especially useful for emergency situations. One can also get greater experience from hiking and keep record of one's adventures.

There are quite a number of hiking GPS to choose from. To learn more about the available categories, features, functions and how to select an appropriate hiking GPS unit, I invite you to read my detailed article on Hiking, Walking, Handheld GPS.

Clem Dagash is a technology wizard and an IT professional. He co-founded the TechHub Center and develops apps for MearkTech. Sports keeps him fit and his pen keeps him young. He leads the Eastern chapter of HikersInc and writes bi-weekly for SportsDeals